"Highly Recommended!!"

We have used Irwin Brothers for two projects in the past 3 years and will use them again for our next project as well. From help with the planning process, materials selection, quality craftsmanship, and standing behind their work we have found Irwin Brothers to be first rate in all respects. Paul Irwin and his staff have been meticulous with respect to restoring and highlighting the architectural details that make our 95 year-old craftsman home unique.

— Patrick & Allison Dogan

“WE love Irwin Brothers Remodeling!!!”

Thanks to Irwin Brothers Remodeling, we have the screened in porch of our dreams. Paul and his crew combined their care for the earth with all things beautiful. Thanks to their suggestions of materials and desire to fit the new space into our existing, we truly have a magical area. We would recommend this company (and we do) to anyone looking for quality work.

— Roger & Linda James

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“Long Term Happy Relationship”

We have worked with Irwin Brothers since 1991 on projects ranging from building a major home addition to installing kitchen cabinets. In both cases it was very important to maintain the aesthetic of our very old home -- I did not want things to look "added on". They did an outstanding job in this regard, including matching existing architectural elements seamlessly, finding very hard to find materials, and working out solutions to whatever twists I could throw at them in order to satisfactorily complete the job. Their team is always helpful and pleasant to work with and could not be more responsive. I highly recommend them.

— Carol & Craig McWhorter

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"Our House is Transformed"

Paul is exacting and meticulous. Compared to previous contractor experiences, we trusted Paul and his crew because they did what they said they were going to do, when they said they would do it. He is pricey, but I have not seen workmanship like his from any of our other contractors. You really get A+ work from him and his crew. His knowledge about historic homes and materials was essential to our job. The historic nature of our renovation is what made us choose him, after several other experiences when we went with a lower bidder who did not understand the craftsmanship needed to work on some of the older materials in our house. The biggest leap of faith was signing a pay-as-you-go contract, because Irwin Bros. will not give a project estimate. For us, working within a set budget, we were concerned about the open-ended nature of that arrangement. Paul was a great communicator throughout the process, so that as we came up on our different cost benchmarks, we discussed how we would proceed. The overall cost was higher than expected, but not by much. And not so much higher than other experiences in which we did have a project estimate that went over and over because the workers encountered unexpected troubles in our old home. Paul told us in older home projects, it is very difficult to give a full picture of the scope of work until the crew is inside and able to see what is damaged and needs replacing. We found that to be quite true and understood his billing methods grew out of that work experience. Also, I cannot tell you what difference it made to have Paul's project manager on the job. She made sure each element of the job was well-timed to avoid delays between the different crews. Our only delay was due to weather--cold and rain persisted during the painting, but that was really the only hitch. Our house is transformed.

“Most Perfect Room in the House”

Demolished and removed debris from bathroom and adjoining closets; included the intact removal of cast-iron tub and wood moulding (which was reinstalled). Met me at the bath fixtures store to assist in selection of tile, sink, toilet, and shower fixtures. Irwin Brothers did everything---plumbing, carpentry, tile, custom-built a medicine cabinet, painting and all finish work. Rebuilt and improved closets. The work is all under warranty---and when we did have a mishap (which can happen in houses nearly 100 years old), on a Sunday afternoon, IB answered the phone and made arrangements to be at our house that very day. We opted for a Monday morning call, but we were pleased and (based on previous experience with other companies) amazed with the service. Member Comments: This small guest bath is now the most perfect room in the house. Even the pipes (now hidden of course) are beautiful in their symmetry. I am not kidding. We have done demolition on other parts of the house that uncovered sloppy work----extra wire, jerry-rigged plumbing and carpentry, debris-crammed walls. Nothing like that in this bathroom. It's one of the few renovation projects I've ever undertaken about which I have no regrets. It was quite expensive, but we really did get what we paid for. The IB crew is excellent: hardworking, careful and personable. One of the reason we chose IB over (less pricey) bids was because we now have a child and the crew would be in the house for several weeks, Our toddler was interested in the whole process and the IB crew cheerfully engaged/tolerated him. Their kindness was an added bonus---fundamentally, we knew we could trust them around our house, our belongings, our child.

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This firm is the most creative there is. =
They use interesting woods and are completely concerned with what the client wants.

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“Used This Company for Multiple Projects”

Most recent work was major remodeling of front porch area, door replacements and re roofing. Have actually used this company for multiple remodeling projects between 1986 and the present. Have added a sun room and playroom at previous residence and at current residence did a major remodeling of the original structure and then added on a 2000 square foot addition in 2001. The recent project was completed in September 2007. A number of our friends have also used the company and been satisfied.

“They Stand by Their Work”

On all the projects the company has performed well; the owner is very experienced and is often able to give good advice on a project during the design phase. The workmanship is generally of high quality; the employees are all very polite and over a long project have become part of the family. One of the most important things about Irwin Brothers is the fact that they stand by their work and will always come back and check on anything that they have done, even if it is years later. The costs are generally a little higher than competitors, but the quality is worth it. Another reason the cost was sometimes higher than the estimate was because we changed a number of things as we went along. We were made aware by the contractor that there would be an added cost for changes. We have been very satisfied with the work by this company.

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"He Was a True Partner in the Process"

Irwin Brothers performed a major exterior historical renovation of our house and barn/detached carriage house. They researched and reconstructed the decorative wood details on our 1911 home, fixed the tile roof, repaired the stucco, and scraped and painted the house. It was incredible! Also, they completely saved a wood-frame building on our property (19th century) that was originally a farm house and became the barn/carriage house for our home. It was missing one exterior wall, needed jacking up, a new foundation, new roof, new wood cladding and all the necessary structural interior work (as in columns, walls, and windows). Paul Irwin lovingly researched the building and worked with his engineer and architect and his crew to make sure the rebuild conformed as closely as possible to the original integrity of the structure. He went through the extensive zoning, permitting and historical review process with us. It was an amazing save of a structure. I felt how much Paul cared about getting it right throughout the process. He was a true partner in the project, even when we wondering whether it was too far gone to salvage.

"They were punctual, professional, dependable, courteous, and competent"

Major remodeling project centered around enlargement and upgrading 3 bathrooms in our 50 year old home. 2 baths enlarged by taking space from existing bedrooms. 3rd bath enlarged by bump out of brick exterior. 1 Bedroom redone with new hardwood floor & enlarged closet. Painted 2 bedrooms. New carpet in hall and 2 bedrooms. Remodeled half bath. Extensive plumbing upgrades for new baths (including a steam unit), and to correct original flaws. Bump out required new roofing (metal roof) and guttering. Painted exterior of home. Repaired and sealed brick walkway and steps. Replaced concrete in portions of driveway. Replaced water damaged paneling in sunroom, re-grooved plywood panels to match existing paneling. This became a 10 month project, as we found more things to add to the project as we went along. This is because the quality of the work and the relationship with EB was exceptional. Their assistance with the planning, choice of materials, and their advice as we proceeded was first rate in every way. Once the project started, they were punctual, professional, dependable, courteous and competent from the top to bottom of their organization; and as extensive as all this was, they planned and executed the work with absolute minimal intrusion. When all was completed we were glad to have it finally done, but we kind of hated to see them go.

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